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Planting & Soft landscaping

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Retaining walls

Out landscape retaining wall designs are drawn up from scratch, and not based off a standard template. This ensures that your retaining wall blocks are installed to meet your own specific needs and requirements, and are best suited to your garden.

Retaining walls by their nature need to be structurally sound. There are many different materials that can be used in retaining walls but they must adhere to common structural principles.

The most structurally sound retaining walls are invariably post and board and/or steel reinforced concrete block which are used in more serious retaining situations.

There are a range of different products to use for your retaking wall, and we can design and construct the following:

  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Stone retaining walls
  • Timber retaining walls
  • Sleeper retaining walls

Happy Clients

John Smith

XYZ Accounting

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to your team for the excellent service we received recently. It's really nice to know that good old fashioned customer service is not dead but still alive and well and living at your organisation!

John White

123 Business Solutions

I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys at all. From the time I first called them to the time they had completed the work for us it was a pleasure as they took control right away and went right to it.


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